How to Bring and Defend your Case in Court

Small Claims Court
in Michigan

This book is a basic “How to manual” for anyone who has a basic legal problem that may be handled without an attorney at law.  There are very few legal terms.  After over 20 years listening to clients, I have come up with the most common questions asked about going to court, and collecting upon a judgment. Also, what to do if someone has sued you or obtained a judgment against you.  There are sample letters which can be easily adapted to your situation. Included are the actual forms and weblinks which can be used to file in the courts in Michigan.

​The first part of the book deals with the who, what and where on how to file a lawsuit in Small Claims Court. This deals with where to go and how to fill out the forms to begin a lawsuit.

The second part of the book deals with what the defenses might be for someone who is sued. This is significant for both parties. If a person is contemplating filing a lawsuit against someone, it is wise to know whether the lawsuit will be successful or not based upon the possible defenses the other party may have.

The third part of the book deals with how to actually collect upon the judgment which was received. This part goes step by step on how to garnish, and seize property to collect upon the judgment. What to do if you do not know what assets the debtor has. What to do if the person moves to another State.

The fourth part of the book deals with different types of claims. Debts owed to a person or business. Landlord/tenant security deposits, bad checks,  property damage by an automobile collision, damage done to an automobile at a service garage, collection of fees by service providers such as physicians, dentists, chiropractors or cosmetologists. Debts owed to subcontractors in construction trades. Debts involving minors, and person’s convicted of crimes.

The entire book assumes a step by step approach for someone who has no knowledge or experience with the court system.